About Us

About Pronto Refrigeration


Pronto Refrigeration Pty Ltd is a family owned business

Pronto Refrigeration Pty Ltd is a family owned business founded in 1986 by the Managing Director, Peter Kagioglou.
Its operation started in a small factory in Lygon Street, Brunswick, Victoria, and as the company expanded, the factory relocated to a larger facility in Coburg North in 1998.

This move enabled Pronto Refrigeration to increase its manufacturing activities and expand the business by importing an extensive range of quality commercial refrigeration products from overseas suppliers.

In 1997 Peter’s son, Bill, joined the company as a young apprentice. He is now the Head of the Engineering and Mechanical Department. Pronto Refrigeration encourages apprenticeships, taking the time to teach, support and guide staff into becoming fully qualified and experienced technicians and tradesmen for the industry.

Over the years Pronto Refrigeration has grown rapidly, having an extensive portfolio of customers ranging from franchises, commercial and residential clients. Pronto Refrigeration has also worked closely with project managers and interior designers to deliver exceptional commercial refrigeration pieces for specific applications and conditions, as well as allowing customers to choose between custom made cabinets and off the shelf standard units.

Currently, with the help of qualified, experienced and long-term staff, Pronto Refrigeration continues to provide quality assured products, advice on shop layouts, technical support and unsurpassed pre and after-sales customer service.

Why Us

  • 1.40 Years
    Over 40 years of experience in the commercial refrigeration manufacturing industry.
  • 2.Assist
    No matter how big or small your ideas may be, for commercial or residential purposes, we can guide and assist you through the entire process from start to finish.
  • 3.High Standard
    We make everything from scratch to extremely high standard, according to the specification of the application to be used.
  • 4.Ready to go
    Need a cabinet in a hurry? We stock a variety of standard commercial refrigeration cabinets ready to go.
  • 5.Flexible hours
    We are happy to make appointments outside office hours and be flexible to meet up with clients and industry partners in our office or onsite
  • 6.Reliable
    We stock reliable brands of refrigeration spare parts which are available locally within Australia
  • 7.Service
    Service and maintenance are available with reputable technicians Australia wide
  • 8.Qualified
    Qualified & experienced staff and technical support as well as excellent pre and after-sales customer service